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The lines between human-generated and AI-generated material are getting increasingly blurred with the rise of software such as Chat GPT, Jasper AI and more.

As it grows, so does the necessity to detect it.

How Does AI-Generated Content work?

Most AI writing models, such as GPT-3 & GPT-4, are trained on large amounts of existing text such as novels. The software then learns to mimic human writing styles and generate text based on the patterns they’ve learned.

The software is not able to gain an understanding or consciousness but is excellent at generating text that may appear to be written by a person. These types of software rely on prompts that are strategically crafted to create the desired outcome.

How to Check If Text Is AI Generated?

There are many things you need to consider when analysing content to judge whether it’s AI, such as:

Analyse Writing Style and Language

AI models frequently produce text with a consistent style and tone unless otherwise instructed. However, the piece may be lacking in personal experiences or opinions, use an overly formal or robotic language, or use unusual sentence structure.

Additionally, keep an eye out for errors in grammar and spelling such as the use of Americanisms. If a business based in England begins using Americanised grammar and spelling it would be an obvious sign. The content created should be consistent with their existing content.

Evaluate The Content Quality

Quality and coherence are important while creating content. The use of AI can be made obvious if articles include inconsistent reasoning, conflicting statements, and information that is not directly related to the topic.

Traditionally written articles typically have a logical flow of thought and are considered more trustworthy sources of information. Whereas reading materials that lack substance or authenticity an audience may naturally question the validity of the piece.

Check for Unusual References or Sources

AI generates content based on the data they’ve been trained on. If you read an article that cites obscure or non-existent sources, includes incorrect data or statistics it could be a sign of AI. Human writers typically reference well-established sources and provide proper citations.

Utilise AI Detection Tools

In response to the growth of AI-generated content, many AI detection tools have also been created. These tools have been made to scrutinise and pinpoint AI-generated text.

For example, OpenAI’s GPT-3 detection tool and AI21 Labs’ AI Writing Detector. Additionally, there are plugins designed for web browsers that help users with detection.

Using these tools allows audiences gauge the credibility of the article.

Is AI generated Content Bad?

AI certainly has the capacity to generate impressive text, but it often falls short in terms of depth, authenticity, and human perspectives. To distinguish between human and AI-generated content, readers should look at things like writing style, content quality, and references, and to make use of AI detection tools.

However, it’s worth noting that these methods and tools are not failproof. Even Google’s recent update shows signs of leniency towards AI content, suggesting that the identification of AI-generated content may be becoming more challenging.

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